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Abhati Eau de Parfum is a genderless fragrance crafted by legendary perfumer Geza Schoen. It is made from the rarest botanical oils; a voyage spanning two continents, at the juncture of Indian exoticism and Swiss freshness.

This scent is complex, rebellious, and sexy, made from pure essences of warm wood, amber, coriander, guaiac wood, pink pepper, jasmine, vetiver, and dusky sandalwood.

Abhati’s founder Anju Rupal describes the scent this way:

“The essences we worked with are rich and crisp, designed to soothe and captivate. To me they evoke the memory of a meander in a Delhi market at dusk, entwined with the freshness of an alpine lake. It’s inviting, and very distinctive. It’s a tribute to who we are at Abhati, and what we are trying to achieve. From an ayurvedic perspective, the botanicals we have used are healing, comforting to the soul, and mysterious. People naturally gravitate towards this multifaceted perfume.”

Its creator, Geza Schoen, who is also behind Escentric Molecules, is widely recognised as one of the most talented perfume designers working today. He only creates unique and small batch fragrances stating he ‘has no time for mass produced scents.’

This exceptional fragrance is present in some of our skin and haircare, but when worn as a perfume, it is uplifting, unique, timeless and genderless. Experience our scent in our Nakki Whipped Volumising Conditioner, our cult-classic Yamuna Nourishing Shampoo, Kanva Body Lotion, and Lalitya Whipped Moisturising Cream.

Pyramid perfume: Abhati

TOP: green notes, mandarine, bergamot, lime, basil, pink pepper, ginger, coriander seed, lychee.

HEART: waterlilies, coconut , freesia, rose, jasmin, violet.

BASE: cedarwood, vetiver, sandalwood, benzoe, amber, moss musk, guaiac wood.

MAIN ACCORDS: woody, aromatic, citrus, musky, amber, fresh spicy. A woody, spicy scent for all.

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