Pocket Comb

Pocket Comb

Small Comb 19

What is it: Online exclusive! Smooth hair and tame flyaways with our portable tortoiseshell pocket comb. Our comb is handcrafted in Switzerland by third generation craftspeople using recycled plant-based acetate. Whether smoothing dry hair while on-the-go or detangling wet hair during a day at the beach, our pocket comb glides gently through your hair without causing breakage.

Its mint tortoiseshell pattern and polished gloss finish are a modern update to a classic design and make this the ultimate luxury piece to carry with you.

How to use: Can be used wet or dry. Use it for detangling and styling dry hair, or to distribute hair masks and conditioner through damp tresses.

Who it’s for: Suitable for all hair types, including tight curls and coarse coils.

Why it’s green: our handmade combs are expertly crafted using a plant-based, recycled acetate. Unlike petroleum-based plastics, acetate plastics are environmentally-friendly since they are made from natural and renewable materials that decompose over time.

*Please note, the material is recycled and may show small flaws in the finish.

CHF 18,50