Our Vision

Founder Anju Rupal and Friends have created a unique collection that works for consumer and maker alike. Vanity Fair

Improving the world…

… one product at a time. We’re driven by the hope of a cleaner environment and make sure we give back to the planet and those who occupy it. We don’t just operate sustainably and fair trade, we invest in those who work with us. We consider our work to be two-fold: we bring an exceptional product range to our clients, unrivalled in the quality of its formulations and potency. At the same time, we nurture our farmers, the local population and the environment by supporting them with education initiatives and reforestation projects. We work tirelessly to find solutions for minimising waste and using sustainable elements in our marketing. Applying an Abhati product to your face, hair and body means you are helping to make the world more beautiful too.

The Founder

« We couldn’t imagine creating another beauty product, no matter how exceptional, if it meant depleting our precious resources. And for us, our most precious resources are our farmers, without whom we could not produce these wonderful formulations. It’s so important for us to give them the tools to live in dignity, in a healthy environment and provide for their children to be educated. I’m proud to say that we’re accomplishing that. Seeing the results in rural India just makes me want to work harder, it’s really quite moving. »

Anju Rupal


Our Mission



Our Cause

Education and
the Environment.

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