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Anju’s idea of creating a social enterprise within the luxury beauty industry quickly conquered our hearts and creative minds. For us as a Design Team it is the most wonderful journey. Soraya Kühne, Managing Director Paperlux

Inkwell Copywriting

I was a model for 20 years so I have no illusions about the efficiency or authenticity of advertised beauty products. But then I discovered Kaylana which was originally what attracted me to the Abhati range. Abhati stands head and shoulders above the rest, with its effectiveness as a skin and hair care line, its ethical framework and the organic formulations: it’s finally possible to look, feel and do good all at once. Now, Abhati is one of my clients and I am one of theirs, but shhh… don’t tell them how easy it is to write about a product, a mission, a vision and a cause you truly believe in.

Until Abhati came along, it was a marketing team telling us what beauty is. That has all changed now. Nathalie Findlay


Established in 2006, we have a remarkably unconventional team assembled at our headquarters in Hamburg’s dynamic Schanzenviertel district. We are Branding experts, purebread designers, material fetishists and project wizards. Our creations evolve in an environment that combines studio, office and workshop for – and especially in partnership with – German and international brands. 

Geza Schön

The Award winning Perfumer and Abhati Scent Creator says: ‘When Anju contacted me and told me about the hygiene and education circumstances Indian women and girls especially deal with, I was instantly willing to do whatever it would take to help improve this situation. Ever since, we managed to come up with a couple of classy products which also happen to embrace the Indian culture and its aromatic roots olfactorily, as you will be able to smell yourself’