Our Mission

When I think of what we’re doing, I am reminded of this: Literacy is a bridge between misery & hope. Anju Rupal

Empowering Women

We make significant efforts to create and support local trusts and initiatives related to the education of women in rural India. We practice “Seva” which means “Selfless Service”, a key element in our business model. Growing up in rural India comes with some challenges; growing up as a girl poses a lot more. Part of our mission is to offer support to young ladies who struggle by spearheading local education programmes, making it possible for them to attend school, where none existed before.
The work we do to help girls obtain an education is probably one of my most proud accomplishments. To achieve that as a “side-effect” of the work I do back in Switzerland makes me feel that every company, no matter what size, should be able to do the same. If we all worked along this model, just imagine how much better we would be, as a species.

Anju Rupal – Founder of Abhati Suisse

To date, thanks to our collaboration with NGO’s like www.educategirls.ngo, we have made it possible for an estimated 389’000 girls to acquire an education. And that is only the beginning. We are happy that you are helping us make that possible by choosing our products.

A compliment

‘There’s something about Abhati that just makes you feel better. Maybe it’s the knowledge that you’re helping to send girls in India to school by using the products. The Shower gel is my favourite product, I love how it fills the shower with such a beautiful fragrance. It’s so uplifting’.  

 – Josh Wood Celebrity hair Colourist


Our Vision

Improving the world,
one product at a time.


Our Cause

Education and
the Environment.

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