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The Ultimate 3-Step
Ritual for Healthier,
Stronger, Longer Hair

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Reduction in Hair Breakage


Naturally Derived**


ABHATI Suisse Professional Haircare

Hair Revival Trio

Shampoo + Conditioner + Hair Oil
Sulphate and Silicone Free Hair Trio

Everything you need to cleanse, condition and intensely repair hair for visibly healthier, shinier tresses. Scientifically proven ritual to reduce breakage up to 98% after only 4 uses*.

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Package contains


Nourishing Shampoo


High-Performance Nourishing Conditioner


Sacred Hair Oil

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Why Your Hair Needs This Treatment


98% Reduced Breakage with the Abhati Complex™

Our proprietary multi-layer delivery system, Abhati Complex™  works like a radar system that seeks out the damaged areas and slowly dispenses our special nutrients deeper into the hair shaft, repairing and protecting hair without weighing it down.


Altitude Active Beauty™

We ensure that only the purest, natural ingredients from the high altitudes of the Indian Himalayas and Swiss Alps are delivered in our products - delivering future-forward, Altitude Active Beauty™ in every drop.


Formulations backed by science

Formulated by industry-leading biomedical laboratories in Switzerland to perform independent in vivo (on people) and in vitro (in the laboratory) testing on all our products. Abhati formulations have been proven to outperform prestige market leading brand

How to use

Step one: Stimulate
Chambal Sacred Hair Oil

Naturally conditions dry, frizzy, flyaway hair. Great for a Champi, head massage, before a hair wash or to tame unruly hair.

Yamuna Nourishing Shampoo

Gently exfoliates dead skin cells, revealing a smooth, supple, healthier-looking scalp. The results? Stronger, longer, healthier hair.

Step Three: Nourish + Protect
Saranda Nourishing Conditioner

Repairs and fortifies otherwise unmanageable hair while creating a smooth and glossy lightweight finish

What’s in the box

Chambal Sacred Hair Oil

Naturally conditions dry, frizzy, flyaway hair.Great for a Champi, head massage, before a hair wash or to tame unruly hair.

How to use it:

Just a couple of drops will do as a:

  • Pre-shampoo scalp massage treatment,

  • Smoothing serum after shampooing,

  • Protective shield for colour-treated hair,

  • Mixed together with your Abhati Conditioner of choice for a weekly hair mask treatment.

AND: Men love it for their beards!

YAMUNA Nourishing Shampoo
250ml / 8.5 fl ozl

Cleanses, hydrates, and fortifies hair and scalp, leaving it wonderfully fragrant. Rids your hair and scalp of build-up.

How to use it:

Apply Yamuna to wet hair and massage in for a creamy, rich lather. Rinse and follow with Saranda Nourishing Conditioner. To fully detox hair and remove dulling build-up, we recommend using YAMUNA Nourishing Shampoo for a period of 3 months.

SARANDA Nourishing Conditioner
250ml / 8.5 fl oz

This creamy-rich conditioner is a hydrating treatment that repairs and strengthens hair while creating a smooth and glossy lightweight finish.

How to use it:

Saranda adapts to all hair types and should be applied to clean, damp hair after shampooing. Focus on your ends and wait a few minutes for the goodness to happen before rinsing hair clean. For a weekly hair mask treatment, mix with a few drops of Abhati S

Key Benefits + Hair and scalp concerns


Sacred Hair Oil

Himalayan Wild Cherry Oil

Nourishes and repairs

Moringa Oil

Delivers nutrients deep into scalp and hair follicle

Swiss Calendula

Anti-inflammatory and calming

Swiss Chamomile

Regulates skin imbalances sebum and softens hair


Nourishing Shampoo

Himalayan Wild Cherry Oil

Plant derived retinol. Stimulates cell-turnover


Antioxidant to fight free radicals and protect

Indian Gooseberry

Stimulates and encourages hair growth


Delivers strengthening nutrients


High-Performance Nourishing Conditioner


Delivers strengthening nutrients

Mango Seed Butter

Nourishes hair follicle and reduces breakage


Antioxidant to protect from environmental aggressors

Himalayan Wild Cherry Oil

Stimulates, encourages hair gloss & nourishment

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Customer Reviews

I've always struggled with slow hair growth. Since using the Revival Hair Trio, my hair has not only become stronger but also noticeably longer. I’m so happy!

Liam G.

The hair oil is like a magic potion for my hair. Not only is it stronger and shinier, but it's also growing like crazy! I'm amazed at the transformation. And really love being able to mix my own hair mask

Emma H.

I've finally found the solution to my dry, damaged hair. The Trio has restored moisture and shine, making my hair feel rejuvenated. It does take discipline with doing the massage, but its worth it.

Aiden S.

The Trio not only improved my hair but also my self-esteem. I'm receiving compliments left and right about how healthy and stunning my hair looks!

Mia R.

My fine hair lacked volume and body until I discovered Revival Hair Trio. Now, it's fuller and more voluminous than I ever thought possible. I'm loving it!

Leo H.

This trio has not only improved my hair's health but also its length. My hair has never grown this fast, and I couldn't be happier with the results.

Sophia K.

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