Abhati info
When was Abhati founded?
December 2013
What is Abhati’s mission?
To empower women worldwide and protect our forests
How is Abhati different from other companies that do charity?
We are a for-profit company that reinvests a significant part of its profits to support charities.
How do you assess the impact of your efforts?
Through the numbers of girls we send to school and trees we plant
What kind of relationship do you have with the NGO you are working with?
Anju Rupal was one of the founding members of Weforest.org. So far,, more than 15 million trees have been planted through this initative. We partnered with educategirls.ngo after learning about the important work they do to support the empowerment ofgirls.
Product and ingredient information
Where can I obtain a full list of product ingredients?
Every Abhati product is labelled with a detailed ingredient list. If you have any specific queries about a product, please consult the product’s page.
Are Abhati products certified organic?
All products are organic but not all our farmers have organic licences. This is a huge investment for them and we are trying to work with them to achieve this with the local governing bodies. But meanwhile, we support them by buying their crops.
Why are the ingredients in your products special?
Most plants have been hand picked and tested by us for their efficacy and healing properties.
Why do you claim the quality of your products is superior?
It took us over three years to formulate our range. Every product has been created from scratch. This enabled us to work with the best raw materials, with a team of formulators who have won awards for their green chemistry.
Do any of your products contain parabens or sulphates?
No, our products are toxin-free.
Are Abhati products gluten free?
Some are but not all. Please check on our product page for details.
Do your products contain soybeans, nuts or wheat?
Yes, some products do; please check the product list.
Are your products and ingredients tested on animals?
No never, only on humans. We worked with 73 hair salons in Switzerland during our development for our hair care line. We work under the Sattvic principle of no harm.
Do your products contain any animal components or by-products?
No, we use only plants.
Do Abhati Suisse products have an expiry date?
Yes, six months after opening.
Are your products fair trade and sustainably sourced?
Yes. We spent over three years to find our raw material suppliers in the Himalaya region and in Switzerland.
Is your packaging environmentally friendly?
Yes, we use recycled RPET and glass. We have to use dark packaging so no harmful light comes through to our botanics.
Do your products contain spf?
No. It’s difficult to formulate a natural spf product that performs. But we’re working on it.
Is Abhati shampoo and conditioner safe for colour treated hair?
Yes it is. Please note the natural tensides means our shampoo does not foam in the same way a normal one does.
I have sensitive skin; will Abhati Suisse products work for me?
Please do a patch test prior to use.
Why are your shower gels and shampoos non-foaming?
Our cleansers for the body and hair are non-foaming as they are free from sodium laureth sulfate. This ingredient, often used in this type of product, is very harsh to the skin and does not degrade easily. We prefer milder and non aggressive agents for the skin. Theydo not foam but clean perfectly and are plant based!
What preservatives do you use?
All our preservatives are plant based. We dedicate a lot of research to finding the best natural preservatives and are continuously evolving as new formulation become available.
Are Abhati products suitable for vegans?
Some are. Please refer to our product page.
Can I get samples of your products?
You can buy our travel kit which contains all five products.
What is your relationship with your producers?
Some go back to the weforest.org partnership and have become part of our family, with a shared concern for the protection of the environment.
Is every step of your production process sustainable?
Where possible yes, even to our offices being run on renewable energy from alp water.
How do you check that everything is in order related to your production?
All Abhati’s production takes place in-house, please check out our blog to find out more.
Orders and shipping
Which countries do Abhati Suisse ship to?
Abhati is working on worldwide shipping but currently ships only to Switzerland, the UK and all of Europe from abhatisuisse.com. But we have partners in the US & Australia who ship from their stores. Please check our stockist list.
What are the charges for shipping and handling?
We do not offer international deliveries worldwide. The delivery price depends on the destination so please refer to our Delivery page for further information.
Please note: we do not offer a special delivery (next day delivery) service on our website.
Which shipping handler does Abhati Suisse use?
We’ve partnered with DHL for order delivery. And we ship from Europe so the deliveries don’t incur custom charges.
What is your returns policy?
If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we are happy to accept products in their original, untouched condition within 30 days for a refund or exchange. Please return merchandise packed in its original shipping box, along with a copy of the packing slip.
Only items purchased on abhatisuisse.com may be accepted for return or exchange. We will not accept any merchandise purchased from a store.
Only the price of the item(s) purchased will be refunded. Shipping and handling costs will not be refunded.
For returns, send the unused or damaged merchandise to:

Abhati GmbH
Industriestrasse 3
9050 Appenzell

Once we receive your returned item(s), please allow up to 10 business days to process your refund and send an e-mail confirmation.
Do I pay to return my item?
Sorry, we do not offer a free returns service. We recommend that you post any returns to us using a method that is trackable or alternatively obtain a ‘Certificate of Posting’, as we cannot be held responsible for any items without proof of posting. For further information or assistance please email hello@abhati.ch .We will respond as soon as we can.
Is VAT included in the price of my purchase?
Yes it is.
What security measures are employed on this website?
The security of our customers’ personal and credit card information is paramount to Abhati and we continue to invest in the development of robust security systems here in Switzerland.
Our website is encrypted with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates, which create a secure transaction area of which to enter your payment information. You can be sure that you have entered a secure area as your browser address will become www.abhatisuisse.com and a small padlock symbol will appear in the bottom left of your screen.
We also have secure firewall systems and a daily scanning in place to ensure that any attempted intrusions are swiftly identified and followed up with a biannual penetration security scan conducted by our security partners. We regularly engage with industry experts to seek the most up-to-date security advice and are constantly seeking to improve our rigorous processes.
Does anyone else see the information I provide to Abhati?
Abhati respects your privacy and does not sell, rent, or license any of our customers’ personal information. The information you provide will not be given to any third party. For more information, please see our privacy policy. – see more at: https://www.abhatisuisse.com/privacypolicy
Do I need an account with Abhati to place an order?
You do not need to create an account to shop online; instead, you can purchase as a guest. However, creating an account will allow you to move more swiftly through the purchasing process: you will be able to save your personal details, store multiple addresses, view past orders, update subscription details and receive special Abhati customer event invitations and new product information. Creating an account only take a few minutes and you can do so by clicking here.
Can I change my order?
Before finalising your payment, you can modify your order on the “Your Cart” page in the validating your order step.
How long will it take for my order to arrive?
Usually 3-4 days
When is payment taken from my card?
Your card is charged when your order is dispatched. If any of the products you order are temporarily out of stock, they will be sent to you as soon as they are available and your credit card will be charged at the point of dispatch. Postage will be charged only against the first dispatch if the order is to the same delivery address.
Your credit/debit card will be charged when your order ships. Credit card charges will be shown on your monthly credit card statement. Debit card charges will be deducted directly from your bank statement.
Will I need to sign for the delivery of my product?
Standard FREE UK deliveries are tracked and the majority will require a signature. If you have selected Special Delivery, then this will need to be signed for.
UK Priority delivery is sent out by post and does not require a signature on delivery.
You can track your package by clicking on the link on your dispatch email.
For further information or assistance please contact us and we will respond as soon as we can.
For security reasons, all parcels must be signed for on receipt. If you are not at home during normal office hours, you can provide with with an alternative secure delivery address where someone will be available to sign for your parcel.
My order has arrived damaged, what next?
We take the utmost care in packing and shipping your products, although unfortunately some items can, on rare occasions, become damaged in the post. Please contact us immediately using the form on our contact page if your order has arrived damaged, making it clear whether you would like a refund or replacement.
In most cases we will request that you return the damaged item to us through our returns process, however if the product is not in suitable condition to do this, and you are able to email a picture, we may be willing to waive this requirement.
For further information or assistance please contact us;we will respond as soon as we can.
Where can I purchase Abhati products?
You can shop for Abhati Skincare in luxury beauty retailers throughout the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. In the US and Canada, our retailer is Credo , in Australia and New Zealand, Abhati can be found through our exclusive retailer  Mecca Cosmetica. We work very closely with each retailer to deliver high quality products and an enjoyable shopping experience.
What is the difference between Organic and Wild Harvested?
We use the term “wildcrafted” frequently when it comes to describing the ingredients in our skincare products. Wildcrafted is often used alongside “organic” or “natural”, however the properties of wildcrafted botanicals are rare and these special plant extracts can ramp up the anti-oxidant profile of your skincare regime in a very unique way.
What are wildcrafted ingredients?
Wildcrafted means that a plant has been grown in nature without any human intervention and in its natural environment. No commercial farming methods have been used in the cultivation of wildcrafted botanicals. Furthermore, they are harvested in an environmentally friendly manner that doesn’t affect their source or the environment in which they naturally grow. Only the leaves, stems or flowers are extracted for us, with the living plant left intact. This method of harvesting means that, often, wildcrafted ingredients cannot be classified as organic despite being in essence the most organically grown ingredients one can find. And it’s why ours are not certified.
Wildcrafted ingredients differ from organic ingredients which are derived from plants that are grown with the assistance of humans, where the environment is carefully treated with conditions for optimum growth, but without harming the plant or any other aspect of the growing process. It is also a little known fact that certified organic growers are permitted to use certain chemicals up until three months before harvest, at which time they must discontinue their use. By that time, any substance used on the plants has been absorbed by the whole plant and chemical traces may be found. Even so, organic growers are not required to claim use of any chemicals. Only wildcrafted plants that are grown in pristine environments are truly chemical-free. 
Our plants come from the Himalaya and the Swiss Alps.
Is it true that all skincare has to contain some sort of preservative?
Any “cream based” product needs to contain a preservative to be safe. Abhati only uses preservatives that are approved by Ecocert. Abhati is committed to ensuring only the finest quality ingredients are included in any of its products. Abhati is proactive in researching and discovering new forms of preservatives and evolves as new ingredients become available.
Where can I find out about becoming an authorised seller with Abhati?
If you’re interested in becoming one of Abhati’s retail partners please email us at hello@abhati.ch with more information about your business and we’ll get back to you.
Can I stock Abhati at my place of business?
Please send us an email at sales@abhati.ch. Due to the high volume of enquiries we receive, please be aware applications can take between three to four weeks to process. We thank you in advance for your patience.
Who can I contact to include Abhati products in a blog or video post?
For all press enquiries please contact us directly at hello@abhati.ch
What will I receive if I subscribe to the Abhati newsletter?
Abhati’s monthly newsletter shares information about places, people, food, writing, design and anything that inspires us and we think could interest you.
If you sign up to receive the newsletter your details will be used to communicate with you directly and will not be passed on to any other party.
However, please note that by entering our customer database, you are also electing to receive Abhati’s event invitations and information about Abhati-partnered initiatives
You can sign up to receive the newsletter at the bottom of each page of our website.