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Why do we use wildcrafted herbs? | ABHATI Suisse Why do we use wildcrafted herbs? | ABHATI Suisse
Why Do We Use Wildcrafted Botanicals?

We use the term “wildcrafted” frequently when it comes to describing the ingredients in our skincare and haircare. Wildcrafted is often used alongside “organic” or “natural”, however the properties of wildcrafted botanicals are rare and these special plant extracts can ramp up the antioxidant profile of your skin and haircare regime in a very unique way.

What are wildcrafted ingredients?

Wildcrafted means that a plant has been grown in nature without any human intervention and in their natural habitat. No commercial farming methods have been used in the cultivation of wildcrafted botanicals. Furthermore, they are harvested in an environmentally friendly manner that doesn’t affect their source or environment in which they naturally grow. Only the leaves, stems or flowers are extracted with the living plant left intact. This method of harvesting means that often wildcrafted ingredients cannot be classified as organic despite being in essence the most organically grown ingredients one can find. And why ours are not certified.

Wildcrafted ingredients differ to organic ingredients that are derived from plants that are grown with the assistance of humans, where the environment is carefully treated with conditions for optimum growth, but without harming the plant or any other aspect of the growing process. It is also a little known fact that certified organic growers are permitted to use certain chemicals up until three months before harvest, at which time they must cease their use. By that time, any substance used on the plants has been absorbed by the whole plant and at minimum, chemical traces may be found. Even so organic growers are not required to claim use of any chemicals. Only wildcrafted plants are grown in pristine environments are truly chemical-free

Our plants come from the Indian Himalayas and the Swiss Alps.

Why do we use wildcrafted botanicals

Why do we love wildcrafted ingredients?

There are several advantages to using wildcrafted ingredients in skincare.

Supercharged Antioxidants. One of the key benefits of wildcrafted ingredients is that they are found growing in some of the most remote and untouched parts of the world. our skincare range concentrates on plants found in the Himalaya region and Swiss Alps. This means they have a very rare antioxidant profile. Their exposure to near-constant and extremely harsh conditions forces them to develop a highly efficient self defense mechanism in order to survive. This defense mechanism is created in the form of an abundant and diverse range of antioxidants that protect the plant but provide us with a powerhouse of unique nutrients which nourish the skin. This means we are provided with incredibly powerful anti-ageing ingredients that protect our skin and hair from external and internal damage whilst also repairing and rejuvenating our skin.

Therapeutic Efficacy. Wildcrafted botanicals are also considered to be superior to commercially grown organic herbs because when nature produces them in their ideal environment and under ideal natural conditions the plants are able to develop their full medicinal potential. Growth in their natural habitat is also thought to enhance the energetic qualities of wildcrafted plants, activating their therapeutic potential.

Highest Purity. Lastly, they are truly toxin free. Since they grow in their natural protected environment they are grown organically without the use of pesticides, chemicals or fertilizers.

Supporting Indigenous Communities. We feel strongly about ensuring that our wildcrafted botanicals are sourced from our farmers with positive environmental practices, undertaking initiatives to support the development of new primary industry markets & the empowerment of growers & indigenous communities. We are lucky to have access to Indian tribal farmers who supply our botanics through our work with Neo Institute now renamed WeForest.org

Where can you find wildcrafted ingredients in Abhati.

Abhati Complex®: blends wildcrafted plants with time-honored cold pressed oils to naturally replace the lipids found in hair and skin. Our proprietary blend guides key nutrients and powerful natural ingredients to the hair shaft, creating an optimal protection barrier for healthy strong hair.

Wildcrafted ingredients can be found in all Abhati Suisse skincare and haircare products. Our favourite wildcrafted ingredients include rosehip, neem, Indian goosebery, sea buckthorn, and wild turmeric.

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