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In a clinical study, hair treated with the Abhati Complex™ showed a 92% reduction in breakage compared to untreated hair. Because at Abhati, we treat your hair’s health at the root.

This may surprise you, but your scalp ages six times faster than your face, and becomes less efficient at delivering the nutrients your hair needs to thrive. So, the best way to prevent hair damage and loss is by caring for your scalp.

One of the ingredients we use in order to do that is niacin, which delivers oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicle. It’s why it’s vital for healthy hair. By improving the blood circulation to the scalp, Niacin contributes to faster and thicker hair growth.

Another ingredient we love is tamarind, which is packed with similar properties, such as a natural alternative to hyaluronic acid that is highly effective for hair strength, elasticity, suppleness, and smoothness.

Your scalp, like your skin, carries important microbiomes that live in and on the human body. These should not be stripped with harsh solvents like those found in conventional shampoos. Instead, they should be kept in balance to increase the shine and volume of your hair.

Our hair products have been formulated to maintain the perfect PH-level (5 to 5.5) and do not use harsh sulfates or silicones. As a result, there’s no buildup or residue, and most importantly: your hair is not over-cleansed. As an added bonus, the ingredients also help prevent back acne.

We also recommend increasing the blood flow to your scalp by massaging it regularly, with a few drops of Chambal Sacred Hair Oil. Take a look at this video to see how it’s done.

By making these small changes to your routine, you will be giving your hair the best chance to heal and grow thicker, faster and more luxuriant.

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