Bazaar Conscious Beauty AwardBazaar Conscious Beauty Award



We are proud to be the first recipient of the Harper's Bazaar Conscious Beauty Award, celebrating beauty that is clean, responsible and effective.

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The Abhati World

Switzerland meets India

«Taking the therapeutic benefits of Swiss botanicals, along with the best Himalayan organic plants and resources, founder Anju Rupal and friends have created a unique collection that works for consumer and maker alike.» (Vanity Fair)

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Abhati Hair Trio

Luxurious Hair Treatment Set

This dynamic trio will rejuvenate your hair and bring back lustre, shine and energy. Powerful botanicals which gently nurture and rebalance every strand, without stripping the hair's natural oils.

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One Hand Washes The OtherOne Hand Washes The Other

Our very first product

One Hand Washes the Other

The rich recipe of our hand wash combines traditional remedies like anti-oxidizing Moringa Oil from India and antimicrobial Swiss Alpine Edelweiss as well as other natural extracts to purify, soothe, balance and regenerate your skin.

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Every product
sends a girl to school

Abhati Impact Report

Abhati supporters have so far sent 250'000 girls in India to school! Thank You! Mindful business is a powerful tool for you and for us. Join our movement and become an AESTHETIC ACTIVIST as well!

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Abhati Suisse

Organic botanicals

Abhati Suisse is next generation skincare and hair care that blends technology with tradition to adapt Ayurvedic beauty rituals for a contemporary audience. Cleansing, hydrating and soothing comes naturally for the oils, creams and soaps made for hair, body and face. Lavish in their rich consistency, conditioning properties and their subtle yet addictive fragrances.

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Our Vision

Improving the world,
one product at a time

Our Mission


Our Cause

Education and
the Environment

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